Luskentyre Sands

Luskentyre Sands on Harris is a very well photographed area with hundreds of photographers going there every year. Yet another from the Archive of old and forgotten snaps. I also have a Print Archive which sounds very grand (actually it’s the back bedroom).

I thought I would do a post about split-toning. Very often when I see split toned pictures on the internet the two tones have roughly equal saturation. A very common split toning combination is a Sepia and a cool tone as done above. I used Lr 4.1 to do these pictures, the Numbers I used were – Highlights 49 degrees saturation 15% , Shadows 226 degrees Saturation 6%, Split balance +70.

The Cool tone is meant to be very subtle.

Above is a copy of the toned file will the spilt toning turned off.

As I have done a few times before in this type of post give an idea of where I started with un-processed colour file.

Wether the spilt-toning has added any thing to final picture is open to debate what do you think?

A big hello to all the new followers of my little blog, why not drop by and leave comment?

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2012


9 responses to Luskentyre Sands

  1. gamaraca says:

    All of these are beautiful! For me it added depth and highlighted areas that are maybe are lost in the original picture.


  2. Lesley says:

    Now you have got me thinking Andy and I wondered if you could help and share your personal opinion and maybe your ‘monoists’ take on my predicament.
    I am old school like you and I was always encouraged to believe (esp with RPS distinctions !) no blocked shadows and no blown highlights. I too love dramatic mono work which invariably means blocked shadows as is here in your example and I am always unsure what is correct – does it matter? When I do my dramatic monos I am alway tempted to pull back on the blacks and shadows and then the image doesn’t work. What to do? I am going to post one on my blog, tell me what you think please? Thanks again for the challenge!


    • andybeel says:

      Hi Lesley go back to basics – you have a vision of who you are, what you want to do and say. My advice is say it loud and proud. Remember who your photography is for – you. I see from your website that you have an A. For F it’s all about you and how you make individual and distinguished photographs.

      You have come to the point where you recognise that what you want to say is stronger than the way of those who follow the crowd. Sometimes I say this picture as an example is about shapes – areas of solid black. Sometimes I choose to print with detail in the blacks. Be confident don’t give people the opportunity to think that what you have presented is a mistake.

      Highlights should not be blown. Be careful with clouds no solids blacks

      Don’t follow the little people with no ideas of their own.
      Regards Andy


  3. andybeel says:

    Hi Lesley for me this falls in to the trap of the cool colour being about 50% too saturated. The cool tone is meant to be very subtle.

    Regards Andy


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