The Golden Road – Harris

Please look at the picture full size.

This picture was taken about twenty minutes before the post entitled “Rolling Hills – Harris”.

At the time I took a series of eleven shots of these four lads with a 400mm lens as they walked in to the distance.

It has similar design principles to Rolling Hills – Harris, with the white line of the road marking at the bottom of the picture and strong dynamic diagonal composition from left to right. I do not recall have any set ideas about the types of pictures I wanted to take on Harris.

I would certainly love to go back to Harris to do a series on the “Golden Road” a single lane track with passing places that joins desolate communities on the eastern side of Harris. Its called the Golden Road because of the expense of its construction through bog, rock and water.

This picture has been sitting on one of my external hard drives for six years not being noticed. This picture is different from all the others sat there because I have worked out that I flipped it horizontally and cropped it in CS2. Isn’t Metadata great I would have never remembered that I was using CS2 in 2006.

I did a copy of this file and tried to process it with Lr4.1 but could not get anywhere near the feeling of the original. So that is what I have shown you here. The (Irish) Whiskey must have been working well that night in 2006 when I did the original processing.

A big hello to all the new followers of my little blog, why not drop by and leave a comment?

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2012

4 responses to The Golden Road – Harris

  1. Andy, enjoyed your post on the Golden Road. I and my wife are going to Harris in two weeks time and will be travelling the golden road. I’ll post some. This will be our third trip to Harris in twelve months. If you check out our blog, website and flikr you will see how much we Love the Isle of Harris.

    Your description of the design of your images is a really helpful way to think about the composition. Love your blog – maybe see you in Harris some time.



    • andybeel says:

      Hi Paul thanks for the appreciation. Lucky you to be going back to Harris, your blog has a lot of nice pictures. Andy


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