There is no such thing as the wrong light…..

There is no such thing as the wrong light, only the wrong clothing, attitude, subject and timing.

Light can be described as bright, soft, overcast, cloudy,  sunny,  dull, a week at f8 and my favourite – wet.

My preference is to take pictures just after the rain has stopped and everything is still wet, not that I mind getting wet. I’m not at all bothered about using the camera in the rain or it getting wet as long as I can keep the lens free of rain spots that are difficult to remove later. I like to use wide-angle lenses which don’t have a long lens hood which means that if its raining it very easy for rain to get on the lens, so extreme vigilance is required to keep wiping the lens with a cheap microfibre cloth.

Imagine this picture of the Blackpool Pleasure Beach (fun fair) with a clear blue sky, white fluffy clouds and sharp detail – all it would be is a record of a very rare day in Blackpool. This Lith effect picture hopefully relates the damp and unpleasantness of a wet afternoon in Blackpool in September.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS

7 responses to There is no such thing as the wrong light…..

  1. mimo khair says:

    I love shooting in the rain too, I am often juggling an umbrella, a bag, a scarf to cover the camera if needed and running around the rain. Very rewarding 🙂 I love the shot!


  2. MDW says:

    I like your idea that there is “no such thing as the wrong light”. Sometimes the light isn’t what I expected or might not fit what I had planned to do, but that just requires a little re-think and going in a different direction.

    I’m amazed when photographers say things like “you can ONLY shoot waterfalls on cloudy days”. If the day is sunny, they don’t even go out. Very limiting. I shoot a lot of water. Yesterday it was raining. Today it was super bright. I had to work differently each day, but either way I got some nice shots.



  3. Beautiful image Andy. I personally love to photograph in the rain, I find it quite romantic, and I’m with you when you say ‘there is no such thing as the wrong light’. Great post!


  4. Just after a rain shower is definitely one of the best times, I got some nice shots in Blackpool a few years back that came out practically monochrome on their own. As you say, this beats a boring blue sky with fluffy clouds any day.


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