Andy Beel FRPS – Off on my holidays

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I am may be leaving the blogosphere for a few days.  If the  hotel in Blackpool (England) has Wifi as advertised all will be well.

The weather forecast for the weekend isn’t great with wind and rain from the north – and thats just on the inside!
So if you never hear of me again I have been swept out to sea in a force 9 gale.
This shot is looking down Glen Coe from a trip to Scotland in December 2005 where it rained every day with rain on the lens every day, most frustrating. Moody cloudy light is great but not when I spend ages trying to remove rain spots from my pictures, which is much harder than dust spots because they are 100 times bigger. I am taking my insurance policy – rain coat, waterproof trousers (pants for my American readers) and wellington (rubber) boots.
Wish me luck and good changable lighting.

3 responses to Andy Beel FRPS – Off on my holidays

  1. thornberrie says:

    I’m of to the Dorset coast for a week. No mobile phone signal and no Wi fi in the holiday cottage. But I am hoping for some lovely interesting weather, dark clouds and crashing waves make for great photography :o)


  2. If you are making such great shot with a bad weather, I can’t wait to see how it looks like with Sun (and some clouds)! Wonderfull picture! Thanks for sharing!


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