A Face On The Wall

Weston super Mare May 2017 Infrared capture and Lith post-processing. Join us on the How to take better Infrared Photography workshop in July My Blog has moved to my websiteRead more

Andy Beel’s Photo Blog Has Moved

  An iconic Banksey – Park St, Bristol    The Andy Beel FRPS Black and White Photography Blog has moved  If you like the style and content of my black and white photography blog and want to see all the interesting and helpful new posts you need to subscribe to it in its new location on my website. When you subscribe you will receive an email saying a new post is available. For those who have subscribed to my oldRead more

Who is watching who?

  Who is watching who? Barry Island – October 2016  I took delivery of a big box of competition prints and dpi’s over the weekend from Devizes Camera Club. Over the next few days, I will sit down with a large glass of medicinal single malt and separate the good, not so good and oh dear in the pile of prints. Why not come along on Tuesday evening and find out who won and perhaps more importantly – why? .Read more

Hot Hint No3

  Swaledale – North Yorkshire, November 2016  Hot Hint No3  “A technically perfect print with no soul has no expressive value”. Extracted from – The Dark Art – A Black and White Digital Printing Workshop Manual By Andy Beel FRPS The above shot was taken on last weeks’ Yorkshire Monochrome Masterclass. (c) Andy Beel FRPS 2016 andybeelfrps.co.uk/learning-zone Learn > Grow > Express                                    Read more

Photo Hot Hint No 1 – Join in

     Misty Cullins – Isle of Skye March 2016 Black and white photography is about contrast or differing brightnesses of illumination. The picture above works for me because of the simplicity of the lighter tone of the snow on the peaks against a darker mountain and sky. I am starting a new series of blog posts using some of the hot hints I included in my latest book called “The Dark Art – A black and white digital printing workshop manual”  Read more

New Website for andybeelfrps.co.uk

  My new website has finally arrived After a six month development period, my new website is finally live. I hope you like the look of the new site, if you do, please tell all your friends real and virtual on Facebook. Visit the Leaning Zone pages and get fired up how you can move towards your photographic goals. There is a Suggestions Box on the Contact Page so you can pass on any thoughts about the website or workshops you wouldRead more

Book Manuscripts Update

Taylor 814 ce Guitar Neck, 300 mm f6.3 Samyang Mirror Lens, 6400 ISO 1/240 handheld Work on the two new books and the new website is steaming ahead. The first book called “The Dark Art – Digital Black and White Printing” is going through the process of being proofread. Thank you very much to my proofreaders. The second book with a working title of “How to See Photographically” is about 95% there and is nearly ready to have the 54 picturesRead more

New Content-Aware Crop Tool

Caught in the rain – Gloucester Docks, 2014 Users of Photoshop with the latest CC release 2015.5 may have noticed there is a content-aware facility added to the crop tool.  This gives you the opportunity to add content aware pixels to areas that would have otherwise been cropped out in the crop process. With the second version content aware has added the pixels at the top of the picture. More  (c) Andy Beel FRPS 2016 http://www.andybeelfrps.co.uk            Read more

PC whizzes – help please

You will notice this post does not include a picture – there is a reason for that! That’s because all my pictures are on my laptop. I bought a new computer today – all the networking works fine apart from I am being asked to give the Network Password for the connection to my Laptop. I can see the laptop on my new PC, but I cannot access any of the files. I have another PC on the Network that isRead more

Enjoy my free B&W Photo Blog Posts by email

Looking east from Corfe Castle – Dorset, September 2015 How to enjoy my free black and white photography Blog Posts by email: 1 – Go to the Blog Landing Page (the one that opens when following the link here) 2 – scroll to the very bottom of the page 3 – Click on the “Follow” button. Unfortunately, with the WordPress Bindery theme, it is not possible to have a Follow Button on the post itself. Or, click on the Follow Button in the WordPressRead more

What accessory makes your photo life easier or better?

  Late evening Salford Quays June 2013 My latest favourite photo accessory is the Peak Design Sliding Camera Strap and the Peak Design Capture Clip. With this system, I can have one body on the sliding strap and another body on the Capture Clip. The Capture Clip is either attached to the strap of my camera rucksack or if I am not using the backpack, to my trouser belt. This innovative system allows me to be hands-free using two camerasRead more


  Crop Irrigation, Norfolk June 2016 Just back from my short trip to Norfolk. It was great to see my good friend Colin Westgate MFIAP FRPS at the talk at Wayland and District PG, he and a friend drove up to Thetford from Colchester way, which is quite a long trip. It was also good to meet up with Barry – a client, to discuss split toning in Lightroom. We have a meeting with our publisher tomorrow about out new bookRead more

Top Ten Fuji Settings

The Electric Road Ogwen Valley, Snowdonia May 2016 There is a Fuji website I came across recently called Fuji Love. If the site is new to you and you are a Fuji user take a look here They are offering to tell us the top ten settings for Fuji cameras if we sign up for the Fuji Love Newsletter. If you are not a fan of reading your camera manual you might find this useful. (c) Andy Beel FRPS http://www.andybeelfrps.co.ukRead more

It’s about tonal contrast

London Embankment Skate Boarder – June 2016 A shot from our day out in London yesterday down on the Embankment, 1/8 Sec shutter speed panned, digital Lith print – note the grain is only in the shadows and mid tones. This picture works for me only because the skate boarder is wearing a dark coloured T shirt against a light toned background. Many of my pictures are light against dark, something I drum in to my clients and workshop participants. MonochromeRead more

Life’s a beach

Little Haven Beach, Pembrokeshire May 2016  Some times I surprise myself, I was working on this picture for a magazine article and thought to myself why not put it on the blog that has been lonely for months? This frame is 27 of 32 taken in a five minute period. The scene was changing all the time as the canoeists maneuvered themselves towards the cold sea. Every frame you take is an opportunity to get it right, pixels are cheapRead more

Eggborough Power Station

Eggborough Power Station – South Yorkshire January 2016  This is one of my favourite shots from the lecture tour of south Yorkshire a few weeks ago. This part of Yorkshire has three power stations – Ferrybridge C, Eggborough and Drax, the future of all three may be in doubt. Ferrybridge is very enclosed by roads except for long shots from the north so it not that good as a location for industrial photography. Eggborough has good access from all fourRead more

Yorkshire Lecture Tour

Shipley Canal 18mm f2.0 lens – May 2015 Next week I am doing a lecture tour in south Yorkshire. I will be visiting the the following clubs with “The digital Monochrome Print” talk, A2 size prints in the first half and a digital “how to” in the second. Monday – Wakefield More Tuesday – Halifax More  Wednesday – Huddersfield More Thursday – Selby More Come along and say hello if you are in the area. (c) Andy Beel FRPS 2016Read more

The reasons why -3

The enforcers – Den Haag 2013  Reason 1  To express my emotions and feelings. Reasons  2   To present or express ideas and beliefs Reason 3  To have emotional engagement with the viewer Why is an emotional response for expressive photography preferred? For me, we humans are truly ourselves at a feeling or emotional level. As a species we respond first with our feelings followed by reasoning and logic. Firstly to have an emotional engagement with the viewer you must firstRead more