Glastonbury Tor Somerset

A shot inspired by Outdoor Photography Magazine.

They featured a shot taken at  Deers Leap about 5 miles from his location. As usual with magazines they are never exactly precise where a shot is taken from. The reason why I ventured out in this direction was that the magazine featured a view taken from about twenty miles from home which is unusual, normally it’s hundreds of miles.

If anybody is interested I can give Grid References for where this was taken from on the A39 north of Wells. This is a long shot of around 5 miles from just north of Wells to Glastonbury, taken with the 400mm lens on a cropped sensor body to increase the focal length to 560mm. Having been to this place a few times before over the years I knew additional focal length would be a help. There is something to be said for revisiting old familiar places with the right Mindset familiarity doesn’t need to breed contempt.

The temperature this morning was just above freezing at 09.00 when the sun rose above the clouds – hence the Gold / Blue toning. 1600 ASA grain added in Silver Efex Pro 2.

Apologies for the copyright notice over the interesting bit with mist, but you can never be to careful when it comes to ownership of a picture on the Internet.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS

2 responses to Glastonbury Tor Somerset

    • andybeel says:

      How perceptive of you, yes my fingers were frozen even though I was wearing gloves. I went out on Moday before sunrise and I was much better prepared. Andy


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