Llanberis Pass – April 2016 

This shot reminds me of a situation on a workshop in Snowdonia recently. I am forever telling my clients to RTFM – read the friendly (camera) manual. We were out very early one morning and the light was dim, so against my better judgement I took a tripod and cable release for the XT-2 body. I went to fit the Fuji cable release to the camera body and it didn’t fit the socket I was trying to use. After much consternation, I gave up.  I compared the sockets on the XT-1 and XT-2 and assumed I needed an adaptor to make it fit.

Whilst looking at the camera manual today, to find out how this new-fangled video thing works, I noticed the socket above the one I was trying to insert the cable release into, you know the one for charging the battery from a computer. On page 53 of the manual, it says, put the cable release into the bottom part of the double socket (for charging). Yes, obvious now, I know.

So a bit of RTFM before I tried to use the cable release would have helped. Some of my clients take delight in repeating back to me my friendly advice. I have even talked about the benefits of RTFM in my digital printing book called The Dark Art

“Firstly, thanks for all the great advice on the Snowdonia trip; I’ve even managed to remember some of it when I’ve been out with the camera since.” Neil Mountford

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2016







4 responses to RTFM

  1. Fay Rogers says:

    Hi Andy Ref. paragraph 3, a good one – no names mentioned! Fay



    • andybeel says:

      Hi Paula, it’s good to know the £3.50 adapter I bought from Texas which arrives tomorrow is not a huge amount of money wasted. Andy


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