Book Manuscripts Update


Taylor 814 ce Guitar Neck, 300 mm f6.3 Samyang Mirror Lens, 6400 ISO 1/240 handheld

Work on the two new books and the new website is steaming ahead. The first book called “The Dark Art – Digital Black and White Printing” is going through the process of being proofread. Thank you very much to my proofreaders. The second book with a working title of “How to See Photographically” is about 95% there and is nearly ready to have the 54 pictures selected to illustrate the text.

I recently extended the range of focal length lenses I carry around in my camera backpack with a Samyang 300mm f6.3 Mirror lens. I had a 300 mm mirror lens back in 1980’s; I could find the box for that lens, but I could not locate the lens itself, so what happened to it I have no idea.

The plain black backdrop for the feature picture was provided by the turned off TV.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2016











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    For your info….. Andy, Click here for workshop details, does not work on your website welcome page


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