The reasons why – 4



Looking down – Bexhill on Sea 


The reasons why 

Reason 1 

  • To express my emotions and feelings.

Reasons  2 

  •  To present or express ideas and beliefs

Reason 3 

  • To have emotional engagement with the viewer

Reason 4 

  • Because of what I learn about myself when I make pictures

“To define is to destroy, to suggest is create.”
Stephane Mallarme

This quote from the French poet sums up much of what I feel about my approach to my photography. Much conventional photography is about defining the decisive subject, moment etc. For me suggestion is far more interesting as it allows “the viewers share” to quote EH Gombrich. The viewers share is the individual interpretation that brings world view, visual literacy and preferences in to play when looking at a picture.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2016




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