The reasons why -3

The Enforcers

The enforcers – Den Haag 2013 

Reason 1 

  • To express my emotions and feelings.

Reasons  2 

  •  To present or express ideas and beliefs

Reason 3 

  • To have emotional engagement with the viewer

Why is an emotional response for expressive photography preferred?

For me, we humans are truly ourselves at a feeling or emotional level. As a species we respond first with our feelings followed by reasoning and logic.

Firstly to have an emotional engagement with the viewer you must first have a level of contact with subject yourself first. If its not there at the input stage it will not be there at the output.

There are three levels of photographer and viewer response:

Knowing > Thinking > Feeling

1 Knowing the surface look of the subject matter.

2 Knowledge that provides a change of perception and the understanding of the subject and context.

3 A change in awareness and perception that alters your ability to understand the relationships surrounding the subject and the subject matter.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2016
















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