Thames buildings

_1090379-2This is a shot from 2012 of late afternoon buildings taken from a Thames river taxi.

Unfortunately the web version loses all subtly of the original file.

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(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2014


Oh Rose thou art sick

_MG_4682Here is a shot that is completely different in style to the Ballet in the last post.

Just a twenty year old dead rose in clear glass bottle, taken with a Lensbaby and an amended colour temperature.

With apologies to William Blake I can never remember if “The sick rose” is in songs of innocence or experience. I had a vague feeling I might have used that quote before. I Googled it only to find my own post done in 2011.

The essence of this style was around in the 1980′s with such photographers as Robert Farber. The original was done with 1000 ASA Agfa colour film to enhance the grain and soft focus filters.

A big hello to all the new followers of my blog this week.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2014


_MG_0459I know I have been remiss in putting up posts on my blog recently. The reason for the lack of posts is that I have been working on stuff that I can not publicize at the moment and a brand new talk called “Every picture tells a story” which is now finally all printed but not yet mounted. I have printed both the twelve A2 and fifty odd A3 prints over the past week since Monday.

I have been printing A2 sized prints all day today, after a trip to Tesco’s to buy some disposable gloves, so that I could refill the printer with ink.

So my task for next week is to mount all the prints ready for the talk on Thursday evening.

This shot of The Netherlands National Ballet Company was taken in The Hague last September. I have been letting the files mature on my hard drive for the past few months. This allows me to see what I have actually done after the excitement of the shoot has past.

A big hello to all the new followers of my blog since the last post.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2014



I am indebted to Stewart Weir for this highly inspirational post.

Originally posted on Stewart Weir:


Heart Balance © Stewart Weir 2014

You must not fear, hold back, count or be a miser with your thoughts and feelings. It is also true that creation comes from an overflow, so you have to learn to intake, to imbibe, to nourish yourself and not be afraid of fullness. The fullness is like a tidal wave which then carries you, sweeps you into experience and into writing. Permit yourself to flow and overflow, allow for the rise in temperature, all the expansions and intensifications. Something is always born of excess: great art was born of great terrors, great loneliness, great inhibitions, instabilities, and it always balances them. - The Diary of Anais Nin, Vol. 4: 1944-1947

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Bill Brandt Homage

7 sisters BBI offer my clients continuing email support for queries they may have arising out of the workshops, courses or one to one tuition I give.

A client recently asked me about selecting in Lightroom, here is my response.

Masking with the Lightroom Adjustment Brush

As you will probably know Lightroom is not traditionally very good at making selections.
Here is a tip I would use before export the file in Photoshop to make a selection.

Why not try the Adjustment Brush with Auto Mask box ticked.

My Adjustment brush workflow
1 Open a new Adjustment Brush.
2 Leave all the sliders at Zero.
3 Tick the Auto Mask box at the bottom of the Adjustment Brush controls you might need to scroll down to see it.
4 Set the diameter of the brush with the square bracket keys or try using the wheel on your mouse.
5 Press O on the key board to turn on the Red* Selected Mask Overlay.
6 Set the brush density to around 30% and flow to around 75% as a starting point.
7 Temporarily increase the Contrast slider in the basic controls to +100% – this may help the auto mask to work more effectively.
8 Paint over the area you want to select – adjustments will be made where the red* mask is.
9 If you need to correct the selection – hold down the Alt key and paint away inaccuracies.
10 When you are happy with red mask, press O on the key board to make the mask go away.
11 Reset the Contrast to 0% created in step 7.
12 Now use the adjustment brush control sliders to effect the desired enhancement.
13 New to Lightroom 5 by right clicking on the adjustment brush editing pin you can duplicate the effect, delete or reset the brush.

* The colour of the red overlay mask can be changed by holding down the shift key + O on the keyboard and cycling through the colours. Or Go to Tools > Adjustment Brush overlay. The available colours are red, green black and white.

The picture above is called “Seven Sisters – homage to Bill Brandt”. Brandt used this coastline for many of his nude studies. See http://www.vam.ac.uk/page/b/bill-brandt/

A big hello to all the new followers of my blog this week.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2014

Richmond Bike ShopThis shot was taken on a two day Pixels to Print workshop I ran in Richmond, London last week.

I was inside the shop at Active Cycles on Mortlake Road with a 24mm lens at f4. On the workshop we were looking at depth of field and the four controlling factors: Sensor size, lens focal length, Aperture and distance to the subject.

If you are interested in photographing strangers but are a little nervous about approaching them see the weiry.com/100strangers  website. This website looks at the whole issue of how and when to approach a total stranger and ask permission to take their picture.

A big hello to all the new followers of my blog over the past few weeks.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2014


_MG_4542I am pleased to announce the full details of the FOTO Alpujarras Workshop in the Sierra Nevada, Southern Spain are now on my website.


Here is a brief extract.

Date 23 – 28th April 2014 – 6 days / 5 nights

Book before the 31st January and receive a £50 discount

Key features
- First class photographic locations in the authentic Spain
- Learn, grow and flourish as a creative photographer
- Structured learning
- Tutorials and demos by a long-time Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society
- Colour and Mono Workflow demonstrations in Photoshop and Lightroom
- Expert tuition on technical, composition, exposure and lens choices
- A Picture Forum to share your pictures with the group
- Individual or group critiques
- Maximum group size 7 people
- Relaxed, safe travel with a Spanish-speaking British driver Paul
- Comfortable hotel in the mountains

“Your expertise and passion about your work are obvious” Sally G, Somerset
“A willingness to share your knowledge and experience” – Fay R, Somerset
“Knowledgeable, easy-going style, a fresh approach to images” John L, Dorset

What’s included in the price?
Transfers from Malaga Airport to the Hotel Puerta Nazari, Five night’s bed and breakfast, no single room supplement, dinner from the hotels set menu on the first evening, all tuition and demonstrations, Outline pdf notes, On-going email support after the workshop, all transport during the workshop and entrance charges.

What is excluded from the price?
Flights, lunches, all drinks and refreshments and dinner after the first evening at the hotel.

Early bird price £1049 per person if booked before 31st Jan 2014
Price after 31st Jan 2014 £1099 per person.

A deposit £300 secures a place.

Go on-line now and book or ask a question at info@andybeelfrps.co.uk
Learn grow flourish

A big hello to all the new followers of my blog this week.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2014




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