Lightroom 5 Beginners Course Places

New one day Lightroom 5 for beginners course Date – 21st February 2015 Location – Bridgend, South Wales Places available – 2     By the end of the session you will be able to: • Understand the Library catalog basics • Import pictures to Lightroom from a memory card  • Import your existing back catalog of pictures on your hard drive to Lightroom  • Crop and straighten • Carry out basic global enhancements such as white balance • CarryRead more

Fix Inkjet Printer feed problems

How to fix printer feed problems. Isn’t it really annoying when your printer will not feed in the paper! The problem might be the take up rollers are dirty and need cleaning. How to clean the take up rollers. You need a can of NON- PERMANENT Spray Mount (Blue Tin). Spray the mount adhesive all over the back of an old scrap print and let it dry. When its dry it will be very slightly tacky. Run the tacky sideRead more

Technology – the kings new clothes?

Just occasionally its useful for us to think about our photography from an outside perspective. To think about what is important to our growth as photographers and human beings rather than what is urgent say the next international salon entry may be. We all have resources of various types to use be they  – money, time, artistic skill or technical ability just to name a few. So it begs the question how do we use the resources available to usRead more

Llantwit Major

Please look at the picture full-size against a grey background. This is Llantwit Major on the Welsh heritage coast near Newport. The past few days I have been on a mini lecture tour in South Wales. On Thursday evening I was giving a talk in Pembrokeshire in the seaside holiday town of Tenby. Then on the Thursday evening I stayed with a friend in Bridgend. We spent the most of the morning looking at potential Fellowship panels that he mayRead more

Which lens aperture do you choose?

Please look at the picture full size on a grey background. I was thinking the other day about favourite lens apertures I use. My perception was that I use the following apertures: the lens wide open a lot, somewhere in the middle around f8/11 occasionally and f22 rarely. With new technology meta-data is saved about each picture. I used the Library Module in Lightroom to filter for all apertures used on the 21,000 pictures I have on an external hardRead more

Cardiff Camera Club

Please look at the picture full size against a grey background. I will giving a talk called – “Digital Photography the how not to guide” at the Cardiff Camera Club on Thursday the 6th Sept at 7.30pm. See Why not come along and say hello? As this picture was taken in North Wales on the Welsh Highland Railway at Porthmadog its seems slightly appropriate to use for this post. I know that I have blogged the frame after thisRead more

Grasses – Cum Morthin

Please look at the picture full size against a grey background. One the great strengths of Infra-red photography is a situation like this in north Wales where you have grasses that reflect IR  very well in a landscape with other features that do not reflect IR light as well as the grasses. The infra-red effect can easily be overdone on a sunny day in a woodland. This picture was taken on a rainy day in April this year. A bigRead more

Lightroom 4 Expressive Black and White Workflow

Please Like my Facebook page. Please look at the picture full size against a grey background. I thought with this post I would talk about the order in which I do things in Lightroom 4 to create an expressive Black and White picture – Workflow is the new posh name for this process. Here is the unprocessed raw colour file – the start point. The Adobe wisdom is that they intend the workflow to be from the top to theRead more

Big Pit Tubes

Please look at the Picture full size against a grey background. Not much to say really, just a wide-angle snap of tubes taken at the Big Pit Museum on a sunny day. Spookily enough not an infra-red picture. A big hello to all the new followers of my little blog. more

Jokulsarlon Lagoon – Iceland

Please look at the picture full size against a grey background. My little blog now has a new widget – a Facebook Like button in the right hand side bar. Please Like Andy Beel FRPS on Facebook to get early access to news and exclusive content. Thanks. Hopefully you will find my new Facebook page interesting and useful. This picture “Jokulsarlon Evening” is a newer version of my third post on WordPress from a year ago. It has had 50%Read more

Picasso play time

Please look at the picture full size against a grey background. Think of play in photography as a means of experimentation and interpretation. Who was it who said “I am always doing what I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it” (Pablo Picasso). Here we are (Peter, Jeff and me) in sunny? south Wales at Penarth by the Pier waiting for the rain to stop.This shot was the first of many taken through aRead more

The tactile expression of creativity

Please look at the picture full size against the grey back ground. All the Fotospeed Photographers such as Joe Cornish and John Swannell are at the very top of our profession and we have the same passion for the printed form of the medium. See and for their stunning work. I don’t talk about my sponsors  enough who very kindly allow me to follow my love of black and white photography and particularly the joy I getRead more

Where halos come from

Please look at the picture full size on a grey background. I was chatting with a friend about Lr4 and the myth that halos had been eradicated. So I thought other people might like to be aware of all the controls that can provide an unwanted halos at an edge with greatly differing tonal values. This is largely a problem for black & white users of Lr. Colour photographers generally do not require the same high contrast as the seniorRead more


Just a new post to show that I am still alive and kicking. I’m back from my eagerly awaited trip to Snowdonia – North Wales with the newly promoted Major Mills. Snowdon is Wales’ highest mountain. Yes there was snow in Snowdonia last week. I have the pictures to prove it. North Wales is known for the Slate Quarries and was the worlds largest exporter of slate products mainly roofing tiles before the first world war. The Ffestiniog Railway wasRead more