The Fallen

Please look at the picture full size against a grey background. Here is a relatively rare example from me of digital pinhole photography. I say rare because I haven’t used a pinhole adaptor for a year or two. As I have posted in past I use a f185 pinhole which obviously vastly reduces the amount of light getting to the sensor as the aperture of the hole is around 0.25mm in diameter. You could think of this as a restrictionRead more

Everything is easy?

I have a book that contains a section on digital Lith printing. Over a three page spread the author happily tells the reader with great joy that digital Lith printing is easy – seven times!. No names, no pack drill this author is well-known, I know him and we do meet occasionally. I found the assurance that everything is easy, very annoying and frustrating. I have been trying get digital Lith right for a round four years so to beRead more

Evolve or die

Have you come across the saying “evolve or die” attributed to Madam Yevende? What is your photographic strategy for 2012? What are you going to try to do differently or better in the coming year to advance your photographic practice? Who’s work inspires you ? (to inspire is to breathe life in to). Why not make a written list of people whose work you find interesting and would like to investigate further? Here is my list of 10 to start with –Read more

Preserve us from the march of sanitized corporate blandness

In a few days time I am going to stay with friends in Sussex with a plan to go to Dungeness in Kent if the weather is right. Anything but sunny please, light rain would be great. It’s that type of place, grotty and run down. There are rumours that the area is being cleaned up so I want to take a few snaps before another photographers paradise is lost to the march sanitized corporate blandness. With any luck a second nuclear powerRead more

Challenge your photographic preconceptions in 2012

I have been thinking about a new photo project for 2012. One new picture taken each week, that’s worth looking at. I did consider a 365 project but my objective is very specific and different to a usual 365 project. I want to take the opportunity to challenge my photographic preconceptions. If we are going to understand ourselves and reach our highest potential then we all need to think about what we are doing and how we are doing it. Whatever itRead more