Every Picture tells a story

I will be giving my mono print talk called “Every picture tells a story” at the Rhondda Camera Club this evening. There are two places still available on the Lightroom 5 for Beginners course on the 21st Feb in Bridgend. See my website for details. My thanks to Gareth Martin for his local knowledge of the Port Talbot area where this picture was taken. The light wasn’t what I’d hoped for – far too contrasty. The right hand side ofRead more

Free Steelworks Shoot – all places taken

If you were thinking about coming along to Port Talbot for a free Photo Shoot with me, sorry all the places are allocated. The spot for this view of the steelworks isn’t very big and parking is a bit of a nightmare so the books are closed. However, I am doing an Intermediate ABC of CameraWork Course in Tiger Bay, Cardiff on the 24th Jan 2015. Click http://www.andybeelfrps.co.uk/ABCofCameraWork for details of the one day course. (c) Andy Beel FRPS 2014Read more

Newport Photographic Club

I am off to Newport to do a print only talk tonight called “Marvelous Monochrome”. For those of you who look at this picture full size which I recommend, you are not looking at camera noise but film grain put in to the mid tones and shadows with Silver Efex Pro 2. To the trained eye the two are totally different. The downside of this added feature to the picture is you need Photoshop to do the masking of whereRead more

How to create a sense of depth in a picture

A free top tip to increase the perception of perspective or depth in a picture. A wide-angle lens in the portrait aspect ratio tilted downwards will always increase the sense of depth in a picture. If that is combined with a converging lines the effect will be also be improved. Back lighting will also help. This picture was taken on a 24mm wide-angle lens. If I was going to print this picture I would choose a paper from my sponsorsRead more

Fix Inkjet Printer feed problems

How to fix printer feed problems. Isn’t it really annoying when your printer will not feed in the paper! The problem might be the take up rollers are dirty and need cleaning. How to clean the take up rollers. You need a can of NON- PERMANENT Spray Mount (Blue Tin). Spray the mount adhesive all over the back of an old scrap print and let it dry. When its dry it will be very slightly tacky. Run the tacky sideRead more

Digital Lith Workshop

Would you like to master the secret of makingĀ  wonderful elusive Digital Lith images from an acknowledged forerunner in the field? The Workshop will give you the confidence to make your own digital Lith pictures in any photographic genre. On the weekend Digital Lith Workshop I will share with you the powerful Lith skills and experience I have built up over the last eight years. The key features of the Digital Lith Workshop The essential characteristics of Lith images explained,Read more