Lightroom 5 for Beginners – one place

The featured picture is “Gullfoss Waterfall – Iceland 2011” post-processed entirely in Lightroom. Lightroom is a great tool for organising and processing your digital pictures, but if it’s new to you then it can appear a little overwhelming. My new one day Lightroom 5 beginners course – “how to master Lightroom from the ground up” will be just the ticket for you.¬†Aimed at those who are new to Lightroom or just getting to grips with it, this one day courseRead more


Following the very successful Monoists exhibition at the Bristol Festival of Photography now closed I have been looking back at some of Iceland files not selected for printing in the first tranche. Here is Skogafoss waterfall in the south of the island. This a 6×17 crop from a 12mm lens shot. Without the crop the bottom half of the picture would be solid black. Through the comments on some of my other posts people tend to agree that a periodRead more