The Long Road again and again

It’s funny how winning pictures are like buses you wait for ages and then two come along all the same time. The picture “The long road” taken in Iceland has come up trumps again with the acceptances in two major exhibitions. I am always pleased to get acceptances in the London Salon of photography. See  for this years exhibition pictures and venues. The Royal Photographic Society also selected the same print to represent them at the Photo London ArtRead more

To suggest is to create…

Please look at the picture full size. I have always been interested in the idea that “To define is to destroy, to suggest is create”. Stephane Mallarme See the page on Wikipedia about this French Poet and Critic. This picture “Self Portrait – Centrespace Gallery” for me is about the implied or suggested link between the face in the bottom LHS and the out of pictures in frames on the opposite wall. This link is heighten by the diagonalRead more

From where I sit

Please look at the picture full size. “From where I sit” was taken at the Centrespace Gallery in Bristol. The idea behind this picture is that there is a bigger space beyond what you are being shown as a viewer. Technical stuff 20mm lens f1.8 1600 ISO 40w light bulb A big hello to all the new followers of my little blog. (c) Andy Beel FRPS 2012 more

Monoists Exhibition Opening

Attendance on the first three days of the Monoists Exhibition has been very good with around 300 people in to the Centrespace Gallery in Leonard Lane so far which is excellent news. Much to my shame I thought sales would be slow but I have sold a few, so that’s great. Here I am talk to Phil and his partner of Photographique who organised the Bristol Festival of Photography. The word from the visitors who have seen other exhibitions inRead more

In to the fourth dimension

Hopefully here you see that I am working in what I call the fourth dimension – time. A picture is a two-dimensional object. For me pictures can have the added dimensions of depth and time. The illusion of depth front to back is added by the use of wide-angle lens with a strong foreground motif. The dimension of time can be introduced by the use of a slow shutter speed to allows movement to be recorded. I was deleting filesRead more

After the exhibition

Yet another occasion when the photography gods were smiling on me  last Sunday morning for a change. There I was kneeling down line-ing up my shot of the brush and leaflet holder when in to my viewfinder comes a hand put a leaflet back in to the holder. Snap I had the picture. I don’t think the woman whose arm it was knew that I was using a 20mm wide-angle lens and she was inadvertently in my shot. Just toRead more

The Sunday Times Magazine 50th Anniversary Exhibition in Bristol

The Sunday Times Magazine 50th Anniversary Exhibition in at The Paintworks Bristol. The exhibition includes work from some of the biggest names in the photography and writing world. Saturday 24th March to Monday 2nd April, 10am – 6pm | Tuesday 3rd, 10am – 5pm. Free entry. The exhibition willl showcase images from some of the world’s finest photographers who have worked for the Magazine over the years. Photographers featured include Don McCullin, David Bailey, Eve Arnold, Snowdon, Richard Avedon, EugeneRead more

Ansel Adams revisited

I was in Oxford UK to attend an Ansel Adams exhibition in 2009. Looking back on the Ansel Adams exhibition of prints that he printed, the contrast range of many prints was less than I would have expected from seeing reproductions in books. Therefore you can’t beat seeing the actual prints for an accurate assessment of print tonality. As I am struck on wide-angle lenses, so out came the Sigma 12-24mm full frame to take a snap of the bike withRead more

New Monochrome Photography Exhibition

You are invited to view an exhibition of wonderful eclectic monochrome photography at the Guild Hall, High Street, Bath, UK presented by The Mono-ists until the 3rd of October 2011. Andy Beel FRPS is the Chairman of the Mono-ists a group of five photographers who specialise in monochrome photography, hence the name. The Mono-ists are Tony Poole ARPS, Tony Cooper ARPS, Peter Brisley ARPS, David Bathard FRPS and Andy Beel FRPS.Read more