How will you feel WHEN your picture HDD fatally crashes?

How will you feel when your picture HDD fatally crashes or your Laptop or computer is stolen? When NOT if! How is your DAM? (Digital Asset Management Plan) at a most basic level this is a backup strategy for your pictures. I have just backed up my pictures, all 857Gb of them taken over a 12 year period to a 3Tb Ext HDD using Good Sync software as part of an on-going strategy. With a USB 3.0 connection the copyingRead more

How to create a sense of depth in a picture

A free top tip to increase the perception of perspective or depth in a picture. A wide-angle lens in the portrait aspect ratio tilted downwards will always increase the sense of depth in a picture. If that is combined with a converging lines the effect will be also be improved. Back lighting will also help. This picture was taken on a 24mm wide-angle lens. If I was going to print this picture I would choose a paper from my sponsorsRead more

A skills all photographers need

Please look at the picture full size against a grey background. Printing or post processing is a separate and different skill-set to that of being a Photographer. One of the skills of the advanced printer has is the enhancement of apparent depth in a photograph giving the picture a 3D feel on a two dimensional piece of paper. This picture of a wooden gate with a tree in the background has more apparent depth front to back because only aRead more