Please Follow Me On My New Instagram Page

  To make life easier for you to see my pictures I have started an Instagram page. The page address is The page is populated with pictures so it will be worth taking a look. Please follow me on Instagram, thanks in anticipation.            Read more

Harness The Power Of Picture Templates

Harness the power of picture templates We all carry around in our heads a set of photo templates (pre-visualisations) that are the subjects and compositions we use to take pictures. These templates form the backbone of our photography. It is important to recognise that they exist and how they potentially limit your creative expression. “You only take the pictures styles you have already taken”   For much more information about how to harness the power of picture templates and findingRead more

Selecting pictures for your blog or website – 6 easy ways

A Newspaper Picture Editors Role Imagine you are a newspaper picture editor, your job is to make a selection from all the pictures that are uploaded from photographers on the ground. They will have made an initial selection from all the shots they have taken of the story and captioned the files. Your role is to decide which picture will best conveys the newspapers point of view about a scene to the reader. Read more (c) Andy Beel FRPS 2017Read more

What’s In My Camera Bag?

From the feature shot above I am very glad this is not a picture of my camera bag. To carry around all this gear for a day would put me in hospital with an aching back and shoulders. Who ever you are and of what age, you must be comfortable with the weight of your bag. Read the whole postRead more

What’s In My Camera Bag?

What’s in my camera bag? From the feature shot above I am very glad this is not a picture of my camera bag. To carry around all this gear for a day would put me in hospital with an aching back and shoulders. Who ever you are and of what age, you must be comfortable with the weight of your bag. Read the whole post (c) Andy Beel FRPS 2017Read more

Andy Beel’s Photo Blog Has Moved

  An iconic Banksey – Park St, Bristol    The Andy Beel FRPS Black and White Photography Blog has moved  If you like the style and content of my black and white photography blog and want to see all the interesting and helpful new posts you need to subscribe to it in its new location on my website. When you subscribe you will receive an email saying a new post is available. For those who have subscribed to my oldRead more

New Website for

  My new website has finally arrived After a six month development period, my new website is finally live. I hope you like the look of the new site, if you do, please tell all your friends real and virtual on Facebook. Visit the Leaning Zone pages and get fired up how you can move towards your photographic goals. There is a Suggestions Box on the Contact Page so you can pass on any thoughts about the website or workshops you wouldRead more

PC whizzes – help please

You will notice this post does not include a picture – there is a reason for that! That’s because all my pictures are on my laptop. I bought a new computer today – all the networking works fine apart from I am being asked to give the Network Password for the connection to my Laptop. I can see the laptop on my new PC, but I cannot access any of the files. I have another PC on the Network that isRead more

Christmas greetings from Andy Beel

This Christmas Andy is unveiling a new base in Bristol. From March 2015 he will be based at the Coach House, Upper York Street, Bristol. See the great new range of MonoChrome MasterClasses, Workshops and Courses available with discounts. A big thank you to my clients. I wish you all a passionate, growing and flourishing MonoChrome year in 2015. Learn. Grow. Flourish (c) Andy Beel FRPS 2014  Read more

Facebook User Rights – NONE – I’m out

Pass this on if you want to protect your identity and Intellectual property published to facebook. Facebook has decided it has the right without consultings its users to be able sell your identity and pictures with no redress. You probably had an email recently about the changes, You like me did not read it. See the link below I will not be publishing to Facebook again.Read more

Adobe leaks 150m passwords

Last week Adobe lost the password details for 150,000,000 of its customers as reported by The Guardian newspaper in the UK. Your Adobe account and possible bank details may be at risk if you have similar passwords. To check if your Adobe account is one of the 150 million affected go to, a tool created by programmer @Hilare_Belloc, users can check if their email address was included in the 10GB database leaked last week. If it isn’t, then they areRead more

Monoists Exhibition Opening

Attendance on the first three days of the Monoists Exhibition has been very good with around 300 people in to the Centrespace Gallery in Leonard Lane so far which is excellent news. Much to my shame I thought sales would be slow but I have sold a few, so that’s great. Here I am talk to Phil and his partner of Photographique who organised the Bristol Festival of Photography. The word from the visitors who have seen other exhibitions inRead more

Everything is easy?

I have a book that contains a section on digital Lith printing. Over a three page spread the author happily tells the reader with great joy that digital Lith printing is easy – seven times!. No names, no pack drill this author is well-known, I know him and we do meet occasionally. I found the assurance that everything is easy, very annoying and frustrating. I have been trying get digital Lith right for a round four years so to beRead more