Andy Beel FRPS is a professional Photographer, Writer and Workshop Leader, specialing in Monochrome Masterclasses, Workshops and Tours.

 See more of his splendid work at www.andybeelfrps.co.uk

As an established Lecturer on the photographic Club and Society circuit Andy enjoys a reputation for producing thought-provoking monochrome work printed in a dark and gritty style. He was awarded a highly prized medal at the 2007 London Salon of Photography at his first attempt.

This highly interesting and knowledgeable Fotospeed Photographer is enthusiastic to pass on his detailed knowledge of producing exhibition quality digital monochrome prints.

Based in Bristol Beel is happy to travel to give talks to Clubs and Societies. He can also be booked at weekends for Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops.


Andy Beel FRPS can be contacted at info@andybeelfrps.co.uk

31 responses to About

    • andybeel says:

      Thanks for your appreciation. In some ways I feel a bit of a fraud, I encourage black & white but most of my personal work is split toned or Lith and not straight forward B&W.


  1. Ari de lucia says:

    Thank you for stopping by my little 365 photog and commenting on my self portrait. I have thought about doing more black and white profiles since then. I love your photographs, it has the feel of the great photographers of the past.


  2. Brad says:

    I must say thankyou for, not only taking the time to visit my humble little blog, but also for commenting on my work.

    Much appreciated.


  3. kjb404 says:

    Andy, thanks for sharing your photos. You are an artist and an inspiration to me. In fact, since finding your blog people have told me that my photos look different these days. Really like your monochromes and Lith. Looking forward to seeing more…


  4. emmagoldslam says:

    Thanks for looking at my blog. If you like the picture I posted in “Divine images”, you should look at the photographer’s website (www.judahpassow.com). So many great images. You have some amazing photos too. I’m a huge fan of monochrome. Very atmospheric.


  5. bazanderson says:

    Hi Andy! You’ve got great pictures and a lot of really helpful advice on your website for photographers 😉 I like your blog so have nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award” – Cheers


  6. bananabatman says:

    Just home from your entertaining talk at Yeovil Camera Club. I’ve found your blog and will continue to follow it. Thanks for your inspiring lecture tonight.


  7. Gordon Lycett FRPS says:

    As always, great pics. I have you in my Skype directory, try me sometime. My blog is effate.wordpress.com


  8. athyfoto says:

    Hello Andy, just been reading your article in DIGIT (Issue 3 2014). An interesting read it is too. I think a lot of photographers new to RAW files would be pleased and relieved to read your description of some of your files being dull and flat (just like everyone else’s) and how unprocessed RAW files are “fairly unimpressive beasts”.

    I remember years ago when I first started shooting in RAW the feeling of failure and disappointment when looking through a days captures. If I had known then what I know now I probably wouldn’t have felt as bad about some of my efforts.


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