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My new website has finally arrived

After a six month development period, my new website is finally live. I hope you like the look of the new site, if you do, please tell all your friends real and virtual on Facebook.

Visit the Leaning Zone pages and get fired up how you can move towards your photographic goals.

There is a Suggestions Box on the Contact Page so you can pass on any thoughts about the website or workshops you would like to me to develop.

If you are like me, you believe we all need a little help to attain our dream of learning, growing and expressing ourselves photographically. In that process, we also reach out and connect with a tuned-in audience. Without connecting and sharing with an audience, photography is a little hollow.  That is why I have included my reasons why statement, that appears on the My Story page of my website.


The Reasons Why

Why I do what I do is, to inspire and encourage passionate photographers to reach out and connect with their potential.

What I do is, to enhance how you think, through learning, discovering and growing. I am confident you will follow your head and your heart to fully attain your aspirations.

  • Confirm your photographic vision and intent
  • Make a lasting emotional engagement with the viewers of your photographs
  • Become the photographer you were always meant to be

How I do this is, by offering structured Masterclasses, Workshops, and Tours.

Andy Beel FRPS 2016







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