PC whizzes – help please

You will notice this post does not include a picture – there is a reason for that!

That’s because all my pictures are on my laptop.

I bought a new computer today – all the networking works fine apart from I am being asked to give the Network Password for the connection to my Laptop. I can see the laptop on my new PC, but I cannot access any of the files. I have another PC on the Network that is fully working.

All the Networking and Sharing controls are set not to ask for passwords across the Network.

I cannot reset the network password on my laptop because I do not have a Network Resetting disc or stick, and I cannot create a disc because when I try, you are asked for your old password that you do not know?

Any idea of a way around this mad stupidity?

If all else fails I can reformat the laptop, everything on it is fully backed up but that seems a bit drastic.

Thanks very much in anticipation.

Andy Beel FRPS 2016



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