Top Ten Fuji Settings


The Electric Road Ogwen Valley, Snowdonia May 2016

There is a Fuji website I came across recently called Fuji Love. If the site is new to you and you are a Fuji user take a look here

They are offering to tell us the top ten settings for Fuji cameras if we sign up for the Fuji Love Newsletter. If you are not a fan of reading your camera manual you might find this useful.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS










9 responses to Top Ten Fuji Settings

  1. John McCarthy Gmail says:

    Hi Andy

    I like your picture of the road leading into the stream on the mountain. Think mine hasn’t as much ‘punch’ as the road is alot smaller in my image




    • andybeel says:

      Hi John I think this was taken last year with a wider lens than this year. I think my new WordPress theme only lets you have horizontal pictures in the main gallery but will put a post with a vertical pic in it when you ask to read more. Maybe, who knows that I think is going on. The horizontal pic from Iceland was one I decided not to use for this post. If in doubt print darker and harder! Andy


  2. paula graham says:

    Wonderful, wonderful shot, I love everything about it…: the road to lead you to glory or doom..whatever , whatever, it is one you must take!


  3. Adrian Lewis says:

    Hi Andy, I like this shot very much, its excellent. I did end up buying an X-T1 and am pleased with it – I can see an X-T2 coming soon! But I am a fan on reading camera manuals – is that sad? – for me, getting to grips with all the technicalities is a part of the enjoyment. Adrian


    • andybeel says:

      Hi Adrian thanks for getting touch. Hopefully the XT-2 will be with us this year. Good man for doing RTFM with delight and sadness! Andy

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