Life’s a beach


Little Haven Beach, Pembrokeshire May 2016 

Some times I surprise myself, I was working on this picture for a magazine article and thought to myself why not put it on the blog that has been lonely for months?

This frame is 27 of 32 taken in a five minute period. The scene was changing all the time as the canoeists maneuvered themselves towards the cold sea. Every frame you take is an opportunity to get it right, pixels are cheap so use them reasonably freely as and when the circumstances dictate. Taken on a workshop recce to the St Davids Peninsula details of the 5 day Workshop are here.

Processed as a digital lith print.

There is loads of new galleries and stuff on my website for those who have not looked at it for a while.

Andy Beel FRPS (c) 2016









2 responses to Life’s a beach

  1. skipsmithphotography says:

    I want you to know that I am still enjoying your posts, please keep them coming. Skip


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