Eggborough Power Station


Eggborough Power Station – South Yorkshire January 2016 

This is one of my favourite shots from the lecture tour of south Yorkshire a few weeks ago. This part of Yorkshire has three power stations – Ferrybridge C, Eggborough and Drax, the future of all three may be in doubt.

Ferrybridge is very enclosed by roads except for long shots from the north so it not that good as a location for industrial photography. Eggborough has good access from all four sides with access to the cooling towers that are next to a B road. Drax is the largest by far and is well fortified with much barbed wire fencing and security cameras. Again long shots are available from the west over flat farm land accessed from Camela Lane.

The feature picture of Eggborough above was taken with an 18mm f2 lens at f2 placing the horizon low in the frame to give a sense scale to the rising steam cloud. The post processing is an inverted variation of my usual split toning – duck egg blue highlights and chocolate brown shadows, the grain / noise was put in with Lightroom amount 50, size 75, roughness 75 so it is see-able on a small image on screen.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2016






6 responses to Eggborough Power Station

  1. andy says:

    Very much my kind of picture this. It’s interesting to see the cooling towers so small in the frame, given how gigantic they are when you get close up to them. Have you seen any of Michael Kenna’s photographs of Ratcliffe Power Station?


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