XT-1 Firmware Ver. 4.20


Winchester Cathedral Crypt

I have updated the firmware in the XT-1 to Ver 4.20 issued yesterday.

There are 33 yes 33 minor changes some of which you may find of interest. See the full list here

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2015











9 responses to XT-1 Firmware Ver. 4.20

  1. Fay Rogers says:

    Hi Andy Thanks for the update news. I just tried clicking on the link and however many times I press English it displays in Japanese. Fay PS I try not to mix up subjects but reference the credit card. I have one which has £6500 credit. I tried using it yesterday and it was fine. I’ll book ticket today. Leaving Monday for New York but am in email contact.



    • andybeel says:

      Hi Fay Try scrolling down you should come to the English version. We will discuss the arrangements for Skye on the 29th Jan at the AVPS meeting. Thanks Andy


  2. crystalight2012 says:

    Hi Andy,
    I have only had my X-T1 a month and had no idea there was a firmware update, so thanks for that!
    I assume they are easy to download? Does it change all of your present settings?


  3. crystalight2012 says:

    Hi Andy,
    Thanks for the link, I just decided to download the firmware update 4.20 to my XT1.
    It would appear that it has been suspended due to bugs. A new version is due out in January but for those who have already downloaded it there is a temporary fix as I read it, so I thought maybe I should hold off at the moment?


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