Putting your heart and soul in a print


Looking east from El Torcal – Andalusia November 2015

Being a photographer is the art and craft of putting your heart and soul in to a print.

As a photographer and printer you have choices to include or exclude detail and texture at the post-processing stage. You also have a choice about the brightness and contrast of the print.

You do not have to mimic reality even though your camera tries its hardest to do so.You are the photographer in charge of the taking and making process. It is your vision and intent that is leading the process. The camera is a only a tool to record your ideas.

When I took the shot above in very low contrast conditions I had detail everywhere in the frame. For me the picture is about the scudding low cloud in the distance. I choose not to have detail in the foreground and sky.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2015





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