Inspiring workshop


Snowdon Horseshoe from Llynnau Mymbyr – March 2015 

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The shot above was taken last March on the “Snowdonia – It’s all about the light” Workshop recce. A well run workshop takes a lot of planning and forethought. When the workshop ran about six weeks ago it was highly successful, all of the participants got a lot out of it to inspire and move their photography forward.

I will be running another “Snowdonia – it’s all about the light” Workshop next year on the 3-7th September 2016. Join us to discover how to see the light!

Click here for more details.

The warm tone has only been applied to the highlights in Lightroom.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2015







6 responses to Inspiring workshop

  1. crystalight2012 says:

    Hi Andy,

    Great image! As you say it is all about the light.
    Can I see a touch of colour? I like the effect anyway.


  2. alan frost says:

    As one of the participants on the ‘Snowdonia – Its all about the light’ workshop a few weeks ago I can vouch for the fact that the week was well organised and inspiring. Great image too Andy!


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