The genesis of a new idea


Swans Portishead Docks taken with a Lensbaby at f2 and Lith printed.


Nothing creative appears out of thin air, all complex ideas have multiple sources otherwise your first and only idea may be called plagiarism and imitation if its borrowed from somebody else. What you are looking to do is synergise multiple sources of visual media to make something significant and personal to you.

Noted below is what happened after I watched a video of the Pixs 2015 website by Rick Sammon “How to get inspired and motivated”.

Pix 2015  on-line videos > 

Rick Sammon “How to get motivated video” See >

Note making >

Bought the books Rick mentioned > Steal like an artist, Show your work, Bird by Bird, Emotional intelligence >

Read the books, underlining passages relevant to me >

Gained new ideas and insight >

Added the ideas to my Ideas and Inspiration book

Amended a few of my ideas on the style of books and workshop manuals I am writing >

I came up with idea of a creativity workshop to add to my programme of workshops in the UK.











2 responses to The genesis of a new idea

  1. paula graham says:

    Yea, interesting, Andy, of course we are all children of our age, and influenced by what we see around us. It has all been done and to get something truly original is not easy. To go out of the generally accepted comfort zone is not always so easy. I learned a lot from you, Andy. xx and a Creativity workshop sounds a great idea..I shall watch the announcement with interest.


    • andybeel says:

      Hi Paula yes you are quite right, children learn by copying their parents for good or ill. As creative adults we often think that new ideas come from completely within ourselves – which is not the case.

      I will be doing a Creativity workshop later in the year – date and content to be advised at this stage.


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