Client Profile – Sue O’Connell ARPS 

Writer and Photographer Sue O’Connell willingly agreed to be the first to write a client profile. (Originally published in my January 2014 newsletter).

What is your favourite picture and why do you admire it?

Right now (and it changes!) a picture called “Checking the catch” taken on Lake Inle in Burma. The conditions were challenging, to say the least, trying to shoot a moving subject from a moving boat! But just occasionally luck is on your side and you have the right lens (a 17 – 40mm f4.0 in this case) the right settings at the right time!

Who or what has been your greatest photographic influence?
I would have to say the American photographer, Art Wolfe. My husband and I have been privileged to travel with him twice now, and there’s no doubt that his inspirational instruction and critique sessions have led to a step change in our photography.

Are there new challenges coming up?
The challenges are part of the attraction of photography in my view! I’m proud to have earned some new qualifications this year and, having learned so much in the process, I hope to continue (slowly) up the various ladders. I’m also excited to be taking part in an exhibition for the first time: “The Year of the Print” at the Mall Galleries in London in March.

How do you see yourself learning and growing as a photographer?
I think there’s room for improvement on every front really, both in terms of learning to use more features of my camera more effectively, and of improving my post-production techniques. So thanks Andy for great Lightroom tuition so far – how are you fixed for the rest of January …..?

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