Beach Huts

_DSF9961-2This weeks talk “The Digital Monochrome Print” is for the Worcester Camera Club Digital Group. See they meet on Thursday evenings.

The featured picture is another from sunny Budleigh Salterton taken last week funnily enough called “Beach Huts”.

Digital Lith Processing in Lightroom 5.

I was mentioned in a post by FatMan about photographic composition a few days ago. See

Here the composition of the shadows of the beach huts is tending towards minimal – hopefully the viewer will make the link between Budleigh Salterton and the shapes.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2014

1 response to Beach Huts

  1. paula graham says:

    Ha, Ha, Andy…your last comment made me smile: I did look at the photo and liked it, before reading up on it. I must say, I did not make the connection between beach huts and Budleigh. That is probably due to my limited knowledge about aforementioned huts.
    What I saw in the photo were Tuscany type trees receding into the bg!! I now think it quite a sport to wonder and ponder about your photos first before reading what I should be seeing!


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