How will you feel WHEN your picture HDD fatally crashes?

_DSF0042How will you feel when your picture HDD fatally crashes or your Laptop or computer is stolen?

When NOT if!

How is your DAM? (Digital Asset Management Plan) at a most basic level this is a backup strategy for your pictures.

I have just backed up my pictures, all 857Gb of them taken over a 12 year period to a 3Tb Ext HDD using Good Sync software as part of an on-going strategy. With a USB 3.0 connection the copying of all my pictures took 25 hours! See for an easy to use software solution costing £20.

Cloud backup of raw files is not viable due to extremely slow upload speeds and the cost of transfer if you do not have unlimited broadband which will be highly prohibitive. The actual cost of the storage with Fast Glacier is very cheap if you can get your pictures / documents there. See This is a good solution for documents.

The featured picture above is another shot from my trip last week to Sidmouth in Devon. I don’t know why but the blurry guy in the foreground reminds me of John Lennon – may be its the glasses? This picture works for me because of the back lighting and the composition. I love the blurry figure and the two figures in the distance on the right and left hand sides that balance each other. A real bonus is the light coming through the shelter windows.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2014

8 responses to How will you feel WHEN your picture HDD fatally crashes?

  1. Funny mines crashed today, my photos were backed up onto a drive on the knackered PC and onto an external drive.
    The thought of trying to recover 2TB of photos from the could is about as terrifying as the time that it would take to upload the files in the first place.


    • andybeel says:

      Hi so the comment about when not if was very pertinent to you! At least you have something to rely on. Thanks for the telling true story. Andy


  2. Lesley says:

    Andy, yes all good advice. Few questions though, how many 3 Tb EHD are you backing up to with this software or manually ?

    My strategy at the moment is to use Time Machine which backs up to my 2TB EHD automatically, I use MACs. I then have 2 other EHD’s where I store copies of all RAW files as and when I shoot them, filed under job names. That way if the TimeMachine EDD fails I have two other EHDs to recover my images. Belt n braces comes to mind! But not sure if I am over egging it.

    Nice image, BTW.


    • andybeel says:

      Hi Lesley Good question. I am currently backing up to one 3Tb EHD I used have two 1Tb EHD as mirrored backups. Goodsync has been set up to Auto scan and back up every 30 mins. Unless I import a card of pictures this takes about a minute to do in the background, as the actual changes are to the Lr .xmp files that are minute in comparison to the size of the picture file.

      With Photoshop that changes the pixels in the pictures the backup process would take a lot longer.

      Goodsync can been controlled manually or Auto – I prefer Auto then its done.

      You are not over-egging it, belt, braces and string in this situation is good. Thanks Andy


  3. paula graham says:

    Interesting photo, as per always, against the light with intriguing figures in bg..
    Great minds think alike, I am doing the same with two tb USB 3 drives and flattening all old psd files. Saved me acres of space, thinking being that if I wanted an old photo again, I would probably process the raw better than I could a few years agol All this takes time but am feverishly working at it till it is finished.


    • andybeel says:

      Hi Paula excellent to hear you have a good backup system. I am obviously preaching to the converted. Andy


  4. Adrian Lewis says:

    Interesting stuff, Andy, I’m backing up too, though on not such a scale. You’re absolutely right about the light coming through those shelter windows, really lifts the shot. Adrian


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