The pictures are rubbish but the stories are all mostly true!

_MG_6108-2-2This weeks talks are at Devizes CC in Wiltshire tonight with a presentation commonly known as “Every picture tells a story”. The pictures are rubbish but the stories are all mostly true! A catch up of some of the locations I have photographed in the last two years.

Then tomorrow evening I am down in Dorset at Sidmouth PG on the Jurassic coast doing “The Digital Monochrome Print”. This is a teaching presentation explaining with prints and a laptop demonstration my monochrome workflows.

The featured picture was taken in Biarritz, south west France in 2009. A 200mm lens at f2.8.

Perhaps I should add a health warning or a reality check – every picture I post on my blog is a compromise because generally if left uncorrected all the pictures would be far to dark and very contrasty. So I try to best guess how a picture will look on the web before I export it from Lightroom.

The result is that you are seeing an approximation at best of what I intended and the web will never match the quality of a print made from the original raw file.

By the time this post is published on the web I will have left home to sample the delights of Devizes. I can do this because WordPress allows you to schedule the publishing of a post.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2014

2 responses to The pictures are rubbish but the stories are all mostly true!

  1. paula graham says:

    Disagree..your photos are rarely ‘rubbish’..I only vaguely remember once in 2004 there was one that was a bit dubious.


    • andybeel says:

      Hi Paula Thanks we all need the oxygen of praise occasionally! But it was a good tag line to open the talk with. Andy


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