Therapeutic Mutterings about Old Age

Here is a truly outstanding set of portraits about old age by my very good friend Paula Graham ARPS. A pure delight to be savoured. Thank you Paula.

Paula Graham


It comes to us all.

Now I am getting older, life seems to pass by quicker than it did before , a well know phenomenon,; unstoppable , relentless.

The human condition is such , that at our most frailest we seem to get hit hardest by loss, loss of friends, family members, parents, spouses, even children.

This can hit very hard, leaving us feeling bereft and lonely.

There are good things too , like appreciating the good stuff around us;  kindness shown, beauty, and some of us have enough money to do the thing we never had time for before.

Again, I reached for my camera to take and create some photos to go with these mutterings.

The photo below suggests the difference in speed for  young and  old.


 Below follows a short series depicting , for me , the isolation so many elderly people endure in silence.

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