A lighter camera bag – 4

_DSF8874The X-T1 has a sensor that works differently to everybody else’s sensor, this gives it much lower noise at high ISO’s. This picture is 6400 ISO (no noise reduction in post processing) 1/25, f5.6, hand held. The picture is about 25% of the total file area.

When I bought the camera it came with Firmware 1.10, today I had an email from Fuji also with Firmware 1.10 on it. The upgrade is supposed to improve compatibility with the 18-135mm lens I have. So I thought, what the hell it cannot do any harm so I did the Firmware upgrade and after processing the pictures in lightroom they look sharper than any I took last week in Bristol docks.

I had nearly decided to send the X-T1 back and get a refund as there is a known problem with the processing of raw files from the X-T1 in ACR and Lightroom. Other raw converters make a much better job of the demosaicing apparently – hence the pictures look sharp. Adobe have been working on the problem for the last nine months!

Tomorrow I will do some further testing because up to now I have been very unimpressed with the sharpness of pictures.

Its very ironic that I can’t get a sharp picture when I want one, and that’s coming from somebody who say sharpness is highly over-rated.

Hopefully this firmware upgrade has done the trick.

To be continued …

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2014


8 responses to A lighter camera bag – 4

  1. Thanks for all this super info Andy. I really appreciate companies that do firmware updates – it makes eminent sense and I think in the future when/if I ever get around to getting a new camera I certainly will consider that!


  2. munt3r says:

    Dang, just invested in an XT-1 with 18-55mm and and XM-1 (to get the free lens they’re offering) …. is this issue realted to the 18-135mm lens Andy, all Fuji sensor RAW files or just XT-1 files? Think I’ll keep the XM-1 as a walk-around camera but if sharpness is an issue with XT-1 I may send it back (haven’t received it yet) -Simon


    • andybeel says:

      Hi Simon don’t take my word for it test your camera bodies and lenses – do they do what you expect? There is a known issue with Lightroom processing foliage. See – a lighter camera bag 5 post, that should reassure you. Andy


  3. Simon L says:

    Andy, doing some research and PhotoNinja comes out as the best RAW converter for X-trans files, apparently way better than Adobe ….
    I am going to get an XA-1 to complement the XT-1 giving me X-trans and Bayer options.


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