A lighter camera bag – 3

_DSF8547I like the composition of this picture taken the other evening down in Bristol docks.

I am still getting to grips with the vagaries of the X-T1.

Fuji claim world beating focus speed for this camera – how true that is I can not comment. I did find however that the accuracy of focusing will be improved if the focus area is made as small as possible (50% smaller than default) and the focus assist button (zooms to 100% at the point of focus) is used judiciously.

The picture above is not particularly sharp anywhere – I focused on the man and then re-composed – perhaps I should have used focus lock as well. Hence I have thrown a lot of noise at the picture to soften it everywhere.

Now that I have made the focus area as small as possible hopefully this type of problem will go away.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2014


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