_1110775-EditPhotography is essentially drawing with light.

Every type of light – hard, soft, damp, wet – has a suitable photographic subject and situation.

The point is – is the light you have appropriate for the picture you are making?

When thinking about making a picture I consider the time and place to get the light that I need for the picture I am making.

Pictures are made – (thought about and planned), not just taken.

The picture above – Bath Abbey Courtyard 16th Feb 2014 – late afternoon.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2104

6 responses to Shadows

  1. Yes, I agree, a great picture takes a lot of thought and planning. My plans don’t always work though, I often have to play a waiting game for the appropriate light or if that fails a return visit is needed! 🙂 Fabulous image, Andy.


    • andybeel says:

      Hi Simon thanks for the appreciation. Perhaps I should have added a great deal of persistence is also required! Andy


  2. colorislaw says:

    Lovely photo! I am just getting the hang of planning the times and places of my photos. They’re definitely improving, and I’m much happier with the results. Now, if I could just plan to bring a little bug spray.


  3. Adrian Lewis says:

    Very nice image, Andy, I like it, but I certainly can’t agree with you with regard to (all) pictures being thought about and planned – if that were the case then spontaneity would disappear, and that would be a truly crippling loss.

    Two possibilities come to mind. I went to a “bird zoo” recently to take avian portraits, and I suppose the overall objective was the planning phase in that instance.

    And then again the thinking and planning phase may be of very short duration, which is getting close to spontaneity. Adrian


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