9999 Frames

_MG_0303Remember when DSlr’s were very slow to boot up and focus? This shot was taken in 2004 with my then new Canon 20D. The first digital camera I had that worked semi-like it was supposed to.

So who are Anna and Jack in the picture on the right, are they a real couple, are they still together, why are their names carved in to the stone paving in Millennium Square in Bristol?

In the ten years since I have had that camera body converted to only see Infra-red light.

This IR shot below frame number 9999 was taken yesterday morning in around 25 c heat about a mile from Millennium Square down at the Ashton Flyover built in the late 60’s.

_MG_9999So of the 10,000 pictures I have taken just with that camera body, how did I decide which ones to print and put in talks and demonstrations, put on the web etc.

How we edit our pictures is a critical skill to learn. I try to use just 1% from a major shoot. An old adage was one per roll of film that’s about 3%.

Perhaps its the subject of another post.

A big hello to all the new followers of my blog this week.

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