Old darkroom prints 3 – Mike Eustace LRPS

_MG_5263-2I first met Mike Eustace on a black and white photography evening class at Brunel Tech College as it was then in the late 1980’s. The course was run by a very well known full time photography lecturer called Brian Tuff.

The aim of the course was to get to a standard to allow you to apply for an LRPS without total grace at the first hurdle!

In the days before auto focus cameras I distinctly remember Mike saying to me the only reason I wanted to take pictures of him was because the lines and wrinkles on his maturing face made it easier for me to focus the split prism focusing system that were in all cameras of the day.

I never imagined back in the late eighties I would, in time, assist many photographers to gain all types of photographic distinctions.

A big hello to the new followers of my blog this week.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2014


2 responses to Old darkroom prints 3 – Mike Eustace LRPS

  1. Rich Lewis says:

    Hi. I was a litho print apprentice 1972 to 77 and Brian Tuff was a lecturer along with SteveParr and Bob Monks and I remember some great shots he showed us. Christmas steps in the rain provided some great shots.
    Nostagia made me try to find a few lads in the same class.


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