Must read photography books

Gulfoss Falls - IcelandIn your library of photo books are there a few that you think every photographer should read?

Lets see if the 1150 odd followers of my blog can create between us an inspirational and informative book list.

Please if you can, make your suggestions about photography rather than technology.

Here are a few of my suggestions to get the ball rolling:

Photography and the art of seeing – Freeman Patterson

– On being a photographer – David Hurn and Bill Jay

– The Creative habit – Twyla Tharp

To make a suggestion for the list just add a comment in the box below.

Text and picture (c) Andy Beel FRPS 2014

8 responses to Must read photography books

  1. mgs says:

    “Photographing the World Around You” by Freeman Patterson
    “Once Upon an Island” by Michael Orton


  2. Hi Andy,

    Great site!

    Here are a few suggestions from my library

    Bryan Peterson’s Understanding Composition Field Guide

    From Oz to Kansas By Vincent Versace

    The Inspired Photographer By Nicole S. Young

    Still Life Photography By Kevin Best



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