_MG_2346 afterOut on my travels over the weekend  I went to the Severn Valley Railway at Bridgnorth.

By the time I got there and did some research for the Digital Lith Workshop I am planning to run at the end of February 2014, there was little time left to take a few snaps before the last train left and it got dark.

As I have said many a time before a photographer should know where to stand and when to push the button. I stood in this position with a 50mm lens because of the strong diagonal composition and just as importantly the steam seeping from the locomotive.

The steam adds atmosphere. I only took pictures when there was steam where I wanted it.

_MG_2346 before

Here is the unprocessed raw file. Low contrast is good to start with, it can always be added later in the post processing.

A big hello to all the new followers of my little blog this week. Very shortly I will have amassed 1000 plus followers so I will stop calling it my little blog. In terms of blogs that have millions of followers 1000 is a minute figure but it sounds a lot to me. So thank you to all my loyal and patient followers over the two and a half years the blog has been going.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2013

4 responses to Steam

  1. athyfoto says:

    Yes the strong diagonals really make this a powerful image. Even the three pipes on the train join in. I really enjoy looking at this really good conversion.


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