on intentions

Here is a very insightful post by Mariannne McGregor on the intent of a photograph. Note it well. Andy

MariAnne MacGregor

Bandon, Oregon

“Art makers are not people who use a camera to record life so that they can see it in detail later.  The art maker is the person who specifically chooses to engage life more directly, most intimately, most intensely, and they use the camera to reproduce or record that feeling … ”  – Brooks Jensen, Single Exposures

If you ‘do’ photography, you cannot help but run up against the question, But is it art?  I have written in this space before that I think it’s a bogus question – Jensen’s quote goes some way to demonstrating why the question is essentially meaningless.  The key lies in the intent.

I often draw parallels between writing and photography.  Think about words – we all use them, to serve a multitude of purposes.  We make lists to help us remember.  Maybe we write reports as part of our jobs.  And every now and…

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2 responses to on intentions

  1. David Thomas says:

    Being married to an artist who both paints and tutors this remains an ongoing topic of debate! We have come to almost the same conclusion (so far!) that the art is created by the vision, interpretation and expression of the individual involved which ever medium they use to share their ‘minds eye’.
    It always proves of value to reconsider ‘why’ and ‘how’ we create our work.
    Thanks for the thought trigger, Andy.


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