Rainy days and a Smart Collection Set

Rainy days andI have put a new gallery of pictures on my website from the recci to the Netherlands see them here http://www.andybeelfrps.co.uk/Gallery?gallery=14

I am planning to offer a photographic workshop / tour in the Netherlands next year, why not email me to register your interest and to get in early?

I often come back from trips with thousands of pictures and so I decided to formalise my picture editing process in Lightroom with Smart Collections. In the past I used ordinary Collections to sort and edit the hoards.

With a “Smart Collection Set” I can interactively make an initial section of pictures to work on by flagging them, differentiate between B&W and Lith pictures once worked on with star ratings and then select pictures for my blog, website and those to be printed for talks by using colour labeling.

Currently this system only applies to the shots in the Netherlands because one of the rules I told Lr when setting up the Smart Collection was to only filter for pictures with the country of “The Netherlands” in the Location Metadata (NOT keywords). If I had not done that it would have found any flagged picture in the whole catalog.

Picture editing is a very personal thing, as each ones needs are different, what ever your needs Lightroom will have an answer.

Thank goodness for cheap external hard drives and Compact Flash Cards, I took 221 pictures from the first floor window of people and bikes in the rain, hopefully with my new system I may have a chance of finding things in the future!

A big hello to all the new followers of my little blog this week.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2013


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