Chaplain – Bristol Cathedral 2013

Chaplain - Bristol CatherdralThe picture opposite is called “Chaplain – Bristol Cathedral 2013” and was taken on an ABC of CameraWork(c) course I ran yesterday.

The purpose of the ABC of CameraWork(c) courses is to help photographers think about the process of making pictures when looking through the camera viewfinder. I help them think about the various decisions that are made knowingly or unknowingly in the process of raising the camera to the eye and pressing the camera shutter release.

I will be running more ABC of CameraWork(c) courses this year in Bristol and Birmingham through Calumet Photographic stores so if you would like to expand your photography practice at an ABC of CameraWork(c) course it might be a good place to start. These courses are booked through the Calumet seminars website.

I have been into Bristol Cathedral twice recently on the first occasion was to do a recce for the ABC of CameraWork(c) course in Bristol, and secondly actually on the course. I was pleasantly surprised that the variety of photo opportunities within the cathedral on both occasions. Yesterday there was a musical rehearsal going on as well as new statues and exhibits to look at and photograph.

Just to say the ABC of CameraWork(c) course provides participants with a wide variety of photo opportunities particularly in urban and industrial landscapes within the bounds of Bristol city docks and not just in the Cathedral.

A big hello to all new followers on my little blog this week.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2013

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