Borrow somebody else’s brains and ideas.

Religion ancient and modernIt is always good to look at an old location with new eyes. Or even better through somebody else’s eyes. Yesterday I went out with another blogger from WordPress called Adrian at FATman photos as he only lives a few miles from me in South Bristol.

We spent a few hours wandering around Stanton Drew in the Chew Valley a location I’ve been to once 10 years ago to photograph the stone circle but didn’t see much photographic potential. Adrian has been more recently and with his help and ways of thinking to produce slightly different pictures from me.

He tends to use a telephoto lens of around 300 mm so is thinking and looking for pictures of detail, were I would normally be thinking principally about using a wide-angle lens so I’m looking vistas or close in detail plus of strong background. He also talks about the benefits of spot metering which was something I very rarely do.

So looking at a subject and conditions (very bright and sunny) that were not in my usual span of thinking has helped expand the way I look and think about various photographic situations. So my advice is if you can borrow somebody else’s brains and ideas do.

The picture above is called “Religion – ancient and modern”, hopefully you can guess why? It was a sunny f16 morning so I choose to eliminate most shadow detail to make a graphic picture.

My website is going through a major update with a lot of new pictures and content so please take a look.

A big hello to all new followers on my little blog this week.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2013

2 responses to Borrow somebody else’s brains and ideas.

  1. Adrian Lewis says:

    Andy, that’s an excellent image, quite possibly better than anything I gleaned from the morning, tho I’ve yet to look through them in detail and think about them all thoroughly. I like the letterbox format, but think I might be inclined to crop out a third or so of the sky.

    As well as being a graphic image, and I like graphic images very much, its also a documentary image, as is reflected in your title. I’m not sure I ever shoot documentary images.

    On our next foray, I think we should match the focal lengths we use more closely – I’ll forsake the 70-300 if you like! 🙂 – , and also spend more time looking at precisely the same things. What about Bristol City centre? Adrian


    • andybeel says:

      HI Adrian thanks for the compliment, your defocussed post remind of pictures I did years ago I blog.

      I feel happy with the amount of sky.

      The centre of Bristol is good hopefully with strong light so not next week. I have a Panasonic with a 90 – 400mm that comes close to your lens. As I sit here I instantly would go for very wide angle in the city centre but this about borrowing hearts and minds so lets see where it takes us.

      I went out this morning with my standard 24 – 105mm and could have really used a longer lens, hay ho never mind.

      See you soon. Thanks Andy


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