Summer Orchard

Summer OrchardThis picture called “Summer Orchard” has the look of a locale somewhere warm and sunny. The viewer is very easily deceived or mislead. Who said photography never lies?

I put down a borrowed Agfa umbrella I was carrying to take this picture. May Agfa rest in peace since its demise. The rain had just stopped this evening. The insurance of carrying an umbrella was not working. As I write this blog post the heating has come on in the middle of June!

I was inspired by two friends of mine with the presentation of this picture Hugh Milsom MFIAP and Tony Worobiec FRPS both have made pictures in this style.

I am often accused over-printing ie too dark, it’s a style you love or hate. So in order to try to keep things fresh and new I tried a high key approach with minimal contrast and a very subtle cool tone.

If you are thinking of coming on “The simple secret of becoming a first class photographer” seminar next Saturday email me pronto as there are only two places remaining.

A big hello to all the new followers of my little blog this week.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2013

5 responses to Summer Orchard

  1. Adrian Lewis says:

    Wonderful image, Andy – and getting away from looking like a photograph, which is something I always value. The tree’s foliage occupies the top of the frame and is cloud-like. This analogy continues – its trunk descends like a tornado’s vortex into the pale mayhem of the land below. I’m all for varying style – more please! Adrian


    • andybeel says:

      Hi Adrian thanks for the compliments. I have been thinking about the foreground of that picture and potential ways it might be shown differently.

      How are your contractors getting on?
      See you soon. Andy


      • Adrian Lewis says:

        Hi Andy – well the contractors are getting there – but boy oh boy will we be glad to get back normal life again!!!

        The foreground of the picture – three things come to mind. One is to crop to letterbox format, and so exclude some of the foreground – what about cropping to just below the base of the trunk?

        Then again, progressively lighten the lower half of the image, lightest at the base, so that the upper part of the image appears to be rising out of (or floating upon) nothing / pale mist?

        Finally, a vertical and not too slim letterbox centred on the trunk, and extending down to the frame’s lower margin. This alters the shot and its design substantially of course. Adrian


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