One day ABC of CameraWork course

HappisburghJust a reminder about the one day ABC of CameraWork course next week I am running. There are only two places left. The benefit to the delegates will be that they will know how their pictures will look artistically and technically before they press the shutter release. See my website for booking details on the address below.

Just got back from giving a few days photography training in Norfolk.

While I was there I took the opportunity to take a few snaps of a part of the country I have not been to before. The county of Norfolk where Admiral Lord Nelson hails from is remarkably flat so I was looking for a vertical aspect to any landscapes I took.

I have always owned and carried ND Grad filters in my camera bag but never used them. Following the recent trip to Yorkshire I decided to give these filters a go. For wide-angle lenses I was hand holding the filters in front of the lens.

I found with the Sigma 12-24mm that has a scalloped built-in metal lens hood there was the possibility of a reflection due to the shape of the lens hood and the maximum focal length possible was about 17mm.

With the 24-105mm hand-held was fine to 24mm. If I used the adapter ring and filter holder I could use the lens to a max focal length of 35mm, even without the usual UV filter in place.

The easiest to use and hand hold ND filters in front was the 20mm lens with no darkening or fall off of the image at the sides.

The shot above is of the Happisburgh Lighthouse not far south of Cromer. The locals pronounce it Haysborough apparently.

I had a strange out-of-body experience that afternoon after leaving Happisburgh. I watched in slow motion as a woman in a car drove directly in to our path, exiting from a petrol station on the opposite side of the road, may be she looked but did not see a car with its lights on. Any way after I screeched to a halt she managed to stop about 1/2″ from my door. No damage done.

A big hello to all the new followers of my little blog this week.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2013

6 responses to One day ABC of CameraWork course

  1. Adrian Lewis says:

    Excellent picture, Andy! I know the place well from birding days – half of it is falling into the North Sea – and “Haysborough” it is! Adrian


  2. Paula says:

    Picture speaks to me a lot as it reminds me of my beloved Netherlands: big skies, windy, grasses blowing in the breeze and lots of lovely lighthouses. I could get quite lyrical if I do not hold myself in check. Trouble with being a foreigner in a lovely country like the UK:..when you are want to be there and when there …so on!! Peace is hard to come by.


    • andybeel says:

      Hi Paula aah the old trouble of wanting to be in two countries at the same time.
      Thanks for the encouragement. Andy


  3. When I was in Norfolk two years ago, I took many shots of this lighthouse from different angles, but it was a sunny day with fluffy clouds, so not possibil;ity of getting a sky like yours.
    Nice picture Andy!


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