RavenstonedaleJust got back from North Yorkshire where we have been away for a few days specifically to photograph the landscape.

We were surprised with the amount of snow still remaining in Yorkshire as there has been little rain to melt it.

This shot looking towards Ravenstonedale was taken on the road to Gunnerside in Swaledale before we had even reached our hired cottage and unpacked, so it’s late evening, a blast of sunlight, a biting east wind and temperatures just above freezing. You get the feeling  – freezing!

I used a GPS unit to track where we went each day this allowed me to easily locate photos on the Google map so I knew I’d pointed my camera in the direction of Ravenstonedale. Just to reinforce the usefulness of a GPS unit as I’m dictating this post a friend emailed me asking for map references were these shots were taken which is now really easy to do. Just for those of you who are interested the map coordinates were 54 Deg 26 Mins 7 Secs North, 2 Degs, 18Mins, 10Secs East.

This picture was rather unusual for me, I quite often use a 70-200 lens, I have owned a 1.4 times converter for years but never used it. So just as an experiment I used it for the longer shots in preference to the 100-400 zoom.

I was asked by a friend if I have taken any pictures over the past few days to be proud of, I feel the answer to that question lies in the quality of the finished prints and not in the sRGB Jpegs for the Web. My clients will be the judge of that!

A big hello to all new followers on my little blog this week.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2013


4 responses to Ravenstonedale

  1. athyfoto says:

    That is a fabulous road to travel, last time we went up there it was coming from Richmond in the east across to Nateby in the west then south into Wensleydale. The first time we were there we went west to east and I think it would be impossible for any photographer not to pull over and look around at the magnificent scenery when you get up onto the top. Your image really does justice to the area. Although I think 2 Degs, 18Mins, 10Secs East is in the North Sea ! I think it should be 2 Degs, 18Mins, 10Secs West.

    Anyway, I thought you weren’t a landscape tog 🙂


  2. LensScaper says:

    I don’t recall seeing such superb recession through a landscape from a shot in the UK – although it can be a common sight in the Alps if the weather is kind to you.


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