StonehengePlease look at the picture full-size against a grey background.

I was invited to go to Salisbury a few days ago to give a talk and while I was on my way there I thought I’d call into Stonehenge which is nearby. I took a few shots in infrared and straight photography and this was just a straight shot of a group of French students leaving the area. I like the sweep of the design.

Sometimes we do things with a sense of foreboding – it will end in disaster, tomorrow evening I’m doing a new talk called “The digital monochrome print” down in Kingsbridge in Devon. I don’t use my laptop very often so I was just checking things out in preparation for tomorrow’s talk, I found that the hard drive was rather full and there was a lot of unused software which could be uninstalled.

I successfully uninstalled a very old version of Photoshop CS 2 which I never use, and also found a version of Lightroom 3 which I don’t use. So in my naivety I thought that there would not be any problems with uninstalling Lightroom 3, how wrong I was. So I very carefully only selected Lightroom 3 to be uninstalled.

I then proceeded to try and open Lightroom 4 and after a lot of swearing and cursing I found that the uninstall process had removed the exe file for Lightroom 4 as well. Having tried to restore back to state where everything was fine twice – that did not work.

As I am in the fortunate position of owning the discs for Lightroom 4 for I thought I would repairer from the desk on the fourth attempt the CD ROM reader actually read the disc and reinstalled the exe file and hence everything was fine.

So a word to the wise, the day before a new presentation isn’t a good time to uninstall software. It also begs the question how is it possible to uninstall an exe file for a program you didn’t even select, the reason I think is that there are common files between both programs and I was not been given the option to do want to retain common files they were just deleted which is not exactly useful for the paying customer’s blood pressure.

A big hello to all the new followers of my little blog this week.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2013

10 responses to Stonehenge

  1. athyfoto says:

    Like the image very much Andy. It is so much more compelling than a straight shot of the stones alone. I wonder how many people would have waited there until the people had gone by in order to get a clear shot of the monument and miss this shot? You were in the right place at the right time and saw the possibility to take full advantage of this opportunity.

    p.s. regarding the issue with Lightroom 3 I found this in the Adobe community forums

    If I were you I would check with Adobe about what happened to you, there may be an issue to be resolved there. I know that you need to de-activate their software before uninstalling if you intend re-installing it on another machine, that only seems to apply to CS applications though, there is no de-activate option that I can see with LR, odd !?!


  2. kilted1 says:

    It’s nice to see the Henge again. I went to school many years ago in Amesbury.
    I found it difficult to get people free shots when I was there in opening time so I incorporated them into a shot or two. I enjoyed your shot it brought back memories.
    Have a look if you have the time.
    Drawing Stonehenge


  3. LensScaper says:

    A scary story, and the forum that Athyfoto referenced isn’t much help either. I will shortly be loading CS6. When I upgraded Photoshop from CS3 to CS5 I discovered I subsequently had both versions still fully installed – I was expecting CS5 to overwrite CS3. So I’m guessing I may end up with three versions active when I add CS6. Maybe wise to just live with that rather than attempting to uninstall early versions – but how much hard drive space is being used up by three versions?
    I really like the image – aside from its compositional strengths there is this tension between famous monument and disinterested students who appear totally detached from their surroundings.


  4. Adrian says:

    Andy, always create a copy of your exe before running it and put it somewhere else than your program files, preferably an external hard drive or flash!


  5. KATHRYN LIMOI says:

    coo thank you for this I was going to do similar – dont think I will bother now!! – thats uninstall rather than prepare a presentation   K K



  6. Lesley Ann says:

    This happened to me as well a while ago, I wanted to unistall CS2 as I had CS3 on my old PC laptop. After I uninstalled CS2, CS3 Bridge would not automatically open files in CS3 PS. It took me ages to work out why and had to go into Preferences to sort it out, damn nuisance, you would think the common files would be more intelligent!


  7. Brad says:

    I enjoy the way Stone Henge still holds such a large presence even as a background. Thanks for this.


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