Questions and Answers…

PerformancesPlease look at the picture against a grey background.

This was shot last Saturday morning down in the centre of Bristol. I was out with the Bristol Photography Group on one of their challenges, although I don’t do challenges. I just like to get away from staring at a PC every now and again.

Just to throw in a few thoughts for you I have just finished reading a book by David Ward on landscape photography. He raises a few interesting questions in his book called landscape beyond, a journey into photography. Where generally he regurgitates ideas that I have read before, but to be fair his landscape photographs are wonderful.

The idea which was always in the back of my mind was the one of – photographs that raise questions or answers. David Wards  premise was that photographs that raise questions are about the world and are open to interpretation. He suggested that photographs with the intention of providing answers are primarily about the photographer and are illustrative.

I would tend to disagree with David Ward, my view this is that photographs that provide answers are about the world and illustrative. Pictures which provide questions from me are about the photographer and are open to interpretation.

Hopefully you will come across the idea of windows and mirrors? I have mentioned this on my blog a few times before. To briefly explain this is an idea put forward by John Sarkowski of MOMA fame in 1978. He proposed that the intent of a photographer could be described on a  continuum between windows and mirrors. Where a window is descriptive reality with little or no interpretation by the photographer, and a mirror reflects more of the photographer than the subject.

Take this picture of Helen Mirren called performances above for me it is about asking questions or mirroring my personality and intent, what was the performance and what was the relationship of the girl on the bus to the performance? Did she ever go and see this film?

A big hello to all the new followers of my little blog this week.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2013  ranked in 1st place by Google for Black and White Photography.

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