Deep joy for a dyslexic

Bexhill ExplorerPlease look at the picture fullsize against a grey background.

I have just bought Dragon 12 voice recogition software which is actually working brilliantly.

I installed it this evening and as you can see I am dictating to you by a microphone headset. So if you are dyslexic like me and have great difficulty with typing, you might find Dragon 12 really helpful.

Hopefully the days of unrecognised missing words and mixed up sentences are gone forever. Alleluia.
A big hello to all the new followers of my little blog this week.

(C) Andy Beel 2013


4 responses to Deep joy for a dyslexic

  1. athyfoto says:

    Wow! you mean these things actually work now! I had bad experiences with voice recognition software a few years ago and put it down to my northern accent. No matter how much “training” I gave the software it just never really worked.

    So did the software just pick up straight away for you or is there still a so called training period for the software to tune in to your accent?


    • andybeel says:

      Hi Frank
      yes as if by pure magic I’m talking to you via the ether with the help of a headset and a few wires. I did try Dragon nine a few years ago and found it to be totally useless but things have moved on a lot since then and hey presto it works. Yes you do need to do some training and it will look at the vocabulary of your emails and documents if you let it and also there are other training speeches you can read to help it learn but generally I find it to be very good.


  2. Paula says:

    That is amazing indeed.
    I love the me he is exploring that most facinating and perplexing being..oneself!


    • andybeel says:

      Hi Paula
      Isn’t voice recognition technology a wonderful thing when it works, unlike my new two year old combi gas boiler that has stopped working when I needed it the most. Gladly it’s still under warranty and repair man arrives tomorrow at some point.


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